07 February 2005

Weekend O' Fun


LB and I decided to check out MTG's production of Tommy. It was, well, an MTG production. Dan and Nori were both great (she has a really pretty voice). The guy who played Uncle Ernie was really solid and fun to watch. The band was totally rocking and the lighting was pretty sweet.

But they ended up doing the same things that MTG always does. They didn't put enough emphasis on characterization. The director had no conception of theatricality to the point where they used these awful painted-wood guns and news cameras which gave the distinct feeling of middle school. Why do they spend a fortune on moving lights, build a set which was one of the nicest I've ever seen in Sala and then shoot themselves in the collective foot by having such amateur production values? I guess I'll never know.


I hosted a few people at Claire's place to watch the Super Bowl in HD. And despite what a certain portion of some grim dudes might think, the Pats are definitely the reigning NFL dynasty.

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