28 February 2009

Oh, one more thing, then.

I'm enjoying a bottle of Samuel during my stopover. Now that's a tasty beverage.

O'Here O'Hare

I really ought to resurrect regular posting on this rig or just shut it down. Is bløgging passé these days? Am currently in O'Hare, reinforcing my annoyance that despite having been to this airport approximately 1 million times, I've never actually set foot in Chicago proper. B-Side, as they say.

02 February 2009


The Southeast of England received the most snow since 1991 today (read: a few inches) and everything is basically shutdown. Because I'm a tough New Englander (and because I had to interview PhD candidates today) I drove in to the office anyway. I was amused, however, by this message from the safety office:

Due to the adverse weather conditions nobody from the safety team has been able to make it into the office today. If you require health and safety advice please contact us by email.

How awesome. If I crash my car into a snow bank I'll be sure to drop you an email.