30 June 2008

Update: the interview

An mp3 of my interview with BBC Radio Oxford is now available. Cheers to my sound engineer, jrandall.

The Press

My latest paper got a little bit of press coverage, including a quote in the Reuters release and an interview with the local radio station later today.

05 June 2008

Posted without comment

No contest in skills of oratory

After watching Obama's typically impressive performance for his "the Democratic primary is finally over" speech, I checked out the beginning of a clip of John McCain's speech from the same night. Watch for a few minutes and see how painful it is when he stops to smile (presumably at the insistence of one of his handlers). As some slate blogger said, "he barely knows how to read a teleprompter".

02 June 2008

Homemade tonic water

Pretty sweet how-to on how to make your own tonic water. Would be cool to experiment with different flavours and see how it affects the true gentleman's drink: the G&T. MRhé, I'm looking at you.