24 August 2009

Brains are funny

Basically every morning I go to the campus coffee shop and get a large black Americano (which I don't actually like that much, but there's no decent brewed coffee). Today I needed a second morning cup to fuel me, so I went back, but was confronted by the long 10:30 coffee break line. Since it was my second cup I was going to have a small one, but I started thinking about other things while waiting and by the time it was my turn to order, my mouth said (without any conscious input from me) "large black please".

I guess this is the epitome of boring stories but I was amazed by this moment of trying to say one thing, but having some trained response to standing at the counter make me say something else. It was incredibly bizarre.

20 August 2009


The always humorous, Barney Frank shows some gumption in the face of health-care reform crazies!

"Ma'am, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. I have no interest in doing it"

16 August 2009


Weirdest unsolicited email I've ever received:

Honorable Mr. Barrett The ferromagnetic theory of


*The work of the Department of Health, Medical/Health Agencies and Cancer

Research Establishments needs great care, attentiveness and uninfantility.*

*Information for the Department of Health, Medical/Health Agencies and

Cancer Research Establishments: modern methods of treatment of oncopathologies

are invalid, ineffective, obsolete, infirm, flaccid *and *not absolutely

correct (see oncostatistics). Surgical method is adequate enough, but is

not always appropriate.*

*Modern methods don't pay any attention to the primary (=ferromagnetic


cause/reason (ferromagnetic nano-technology) of tumor process.*

*Scientists often confuse or/and mix up the reason with the consequence,

primary reason with factors, truth with false.*

*Once royal R.Boyle (1627-1691) 'proved': magnetic fields didn't 'work' in

vacuum. Now onco**scientists can **'prove': magnetic fields don't 'work'

in water.***

*Any oncopathology (cancer, sarcoma, leucosis, etc) is disease of cells.*

*Any man is: 1) mountain of cells; 2) potential oncopatient.*

*Molecular-biologically: any tumor cell is normal cell, which is taken ill

nano-crystalline ferro(i)magnetic 'infection'.*

*Chemical, spectral and target Electron Paramagnetic Resonance analyses of

such nano-crystalline ferro(i)magnetic 'infection' are difficult.*

*'Antisocial behaviour' (R.Süss) of tumor cells (infringement of **rule of

contact inhibition of multiplication) **can explain by 'action' of

nano-crystalline ferro(i)magnetic 'infection'. [Spleen ('erythrocytes

cemetery') is the most iron-containing organ **and** organ with anticancer

properties. Cells of spleen don't fear intracellular nano-crystalline

ferro(i)magnetic 'infection'.].*

*Excessively-conservative **onco**scientists (oncomonopolists) with false

school-certificates explain 'antisocial behaviour' of tumor cells by 'work'

of excessive negative charged membranes of tumor cells (**Coulomb's law).*

*Excessive conservatism is almost schizophrenia!***

*French Coulomb (1736-1806) saw that 'behaviour' of charges (+; -) =

'behaviour' of poles of constant magnets (N; S).*

*'-' *and* '-' *and* '-' *and* '-' *and* '-' ... mutually push off (variant


*N *and* N *and* N *and* N *and* N ... mutually push off (variant No.2).*

*Moving*, negative charged objects (DNA, membrane, etc.) create around

oneself magnetic fields *(variant No.1+No.2).** *

*But, some onco**scientists see only variant **No.1 and** ultra-beauteous onco

*phar*money. *

*So, any oncopathology is intracellular nanocrystalline-ferromagnetic

disease. [Ferrum-age gives epidemic of ferrum-disease.].*

*Nano**crystalline iron is führer/khan of nanocrystalline ferro(i)magnetic

substances into any cells.*

*Crystalline oncoviruses, crystalline chemical carcinogens

**and**crystalline ferrites (Fe

**2**O**3****Me*O, (*Me* = Co, Ni, Zn, Cu, Mg, Mn, *etc.*)) are 'initiators'

and 'assistants' of nano-crystals of iron.*

*Nano-crystals of iron can appear into cells automatically (without


aggression of crystalline oncoviruses **and** crystalline chemical

carcinogens) when concentration of intracellular free iron is high (very

caloric meat nourishment, hemochromatosis and sideroblastic anemia) (see

Marilynn Larkin; M.S.Kleckner, G.K.Mallory, R.A.MacDonald). You like

tea andcoffee? Tea

**and** coffee are sources of very useful manganese (Mn) for brains,

pancreas, reproductive function, *etc.* Nano-crystalline Mn isn't

ferromagnetic substances. But nano-crystalline Mn+N is ferromagnetic

(intracellular) substances. Any tumor is trap of nitrogen (N). So

Mn+N=death. Reproductive and brain-intellectual problems I can solve not by

tea **and** coffee, but by my ... Reproductive problems aren't the African

problems. Enzyme's systems of virus AIDS kaputt in iron-deficient

conditions. The Africans must save very oldish Europe reproductively soon!


*'Initiators'/'assistants' 'work' into cell by weak invisible harmful

magnetic fields.*

*Scientists with holey logic think that crystalline oncoviruses

**and**crystalline chemical carcinogens ('initiators'/'assistants')

spoil normal

cell only by virus-DNA/RNA **or** intracellular chemical reactions.

[Genosses with iron logic: Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Nat Pinkerton,

Megre, Columbo (Peter Falk), Kommissar Reks! Um Hilfe rufen!]*

*Nano-crystals of iron 'work' into cell by strong invisible harmful

magnetic fields. *

*Into tumor cells nano-crystals of iron and its 'assistants' found

ferro(i)magnetic intoxic (untoxic) consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes, which look (e. microscopy) as 'black spots'

(nano-objects with illegible contours).*

*Various intracellular useful, neutral, reserved, excrement's substances

look (e. microscopy) as 'black spots' also. Problem! Fraud!*

*Ferro(i)magnetic** consolidated nano-conglomerates-complexes into tumor

cells have unlike poles (but not unlike charges!).*

*Electric and magnetic phenomena connect! Not only into industrial

transformers or computer technique. Into cells also [Nervous life

**à**supplementary electrization of organism (cells, intracellular


**à** supplementary magnetization of organism (cells, intracellular objects)

**à** oncopathology]. *

*Poles of ferro(i)magnetic** in**toxic consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes **into tumor cell orient in accordance with

negative charge of membrane of tumor cell. One pole orients

to**membrane of tumor cell.

**Second pole orients to** centre of t. cell.*

*So, paradox: negative charged membrane of tumor cell is as monolithic

one-pole magnet! DNA is moving negative charged crystal. Constant magnets

influence moving negative charged objects. *

*Of course, any normal cell has some few ferro(i)magnetic** consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes (=any man is potential oncopatient).*

*Therefore: very simple, very inexpensive, very accurate iron-deprived,

iron-bereaved, iron-striped, iron-robed, iron-lost, iron-removed,

iron-destroyed, iron-exterminated, iron-extirpated, iron-disable,

iron-disappeared, iron-spoilt, iron-dislodged, iron-banished, iron-exiled,

iron-limitative, iron-restrictive, iron-neutralized methods *(means, ways,

manners, measures, modes, artifices, shifts)* of treatment of oncopathologies

are oncopanacea. Very simple, very inexpensive!? How awful!*

*This means total financial castration of oncological-pharmaceutical mafia =

some onco-pharmaceutical companies **and** some onco-research institutions

(= onco-research monopolists) *(secret information).* *

*Intracellular free Fe, hem Fe **and** unhem Fe are necessary substances

into cells.*

*Intracellular free Fe **and** nano-crystalline Fe are dangerous substances

into cells, the Biblical villainy.*

*For example, alcohol (water, honey, woman, iron horse, iron bird) is friend

**and** enemy. *

*Nano-crystalline Fe is as if uncalculable Fe into human organism

(approximate 15%). 15%!!! God can kill sinner by 0,5 - 1 gram of Fe. *

*Führer liked crystalline Fe (tanks, rockets, guns, grenades, automatic

rifles, pistols), but Führer feared nano-crystalline Fe (into

super-wonderful grossdeutsche Aryan cells). I like to see TV about modern

aircraft carriers (funny crystalline Fe, potential scrap-iron). *

*Some CREstablishments (CRMonopolists) ignore the ferromagnetic theory-2006

of carcinogenesis (*=*the ferromagnetic theory of cancer) and

iron-neutralized methods of treatment of oncopathologies because threat for

onco-budgetary and onco-pharmaceutical money.*

*Favorite schweinisch plays-2008/2009 of some double-faced Cancer Research

führers-leaders are silence (snobbish ultra-laconism) and ununderstanding

because deficiency of information, arguments and detailed details.*

*Progress in oncology can't be stopped by greed of

oncological-pharmaceutical mafia. Some CREstablishments (CRMonopolists)

fraud **and** disgrace people. I fear that people can smash some

**idiotic**CREstablishments (CRMonopolists) as football fans ... My plan

of defence for

some double-faced Cancer Research führers-leaders:*

*1.'We originated from monkeys (theory of evolution), therefore we don't

understand iron-neutralized methods by stupid monkey's brains.' (laconism +

verisimilitude = iron alibi). 2.Old Pinochet ('friend' of Iron Lady) gives

spectacles for very naive the English. Some double-faced onco-führers-leaders

can pretend degenerates-idiots and go to South America (by iron bird or iron

boat). Schnell! 3.Some double-faced onco-führers-leaders can migrate into

prisons. Iron gratings, iron handcuffs, iron bedsteads ... romanticism + new

friends-swindlers. I recommend prison documentary films-1945 about Hitler **

and** Mussolini; historical films about Napoleon **and** obstinate Pharaoh

who was drowned. History is reiterative farce. I hope Directors of the

Department of Health **and** Medical/Health Agencies; police-officers **and*

* some double-faced onco-führers-leaders will read my excellent plan with


*If you ignore this information then ... maybe you are friends of cancer **and

onco**pharmafia? I recommend you to go to police-office. Together we will

beat oncopharmafia. Together We (God **and** mankind) will beat cancer. @@@


* Numerous laboratory, clinical and analytical investigations over the

past few decades have observed that any oncopathology is ferromagnetic

nano-crystalline disease. Ferromagnetism is quantum phenomenon (magnetic

properties of electrons).*

* Ferromagnetism is fate only some crystalline substances (crystalline

oncoviruses, crystalline chemical carcinogens, some crystalline pharm-active

substances, some ordinary useful org./*in*org. crystalline substances, some

crystalline metals). Any **un**crystalline substances (atoms

**and**molecules) are dia-

and paramagnetic matters. Water is diamagnetic substance. *

* Some degenerative cancer researchers invent bluff-theories of cancer.

They think: cancer is sum of biochemical processes *into cells*. I think:

cancer is sum of biochemical processes + sum of nanocrystalline-ferromagnetic

processes *into cells*. Biophysicists must assist at some degraded C. R.

Establishments. Biophysicists must refute demagogy of

drones-pharmarionettes. *

* Nano-crystalline iron is main ferromagnetic (*=*carcinogenic) substance

into human organism (into cells). Crystalline iron is main ferromagnetic

substance in nature.*

* Crystalline oncoviruses, crystalline chemical carcinogens ((1. weak

magnetic substances or/and 2. killers-poisoners of iron-containing cells)) *

*and** crystalline ferrites are 'initiators' and 'assistants' of

nano-crystals of iron. Into tumor cells ferromagnetic nano-crystals of iron

and its ferro(i)magnetic 'initiators'/'assistants' found

ferro(i)magnetic intoxic

(untoxic) consolidated nano-conglomerates-complexes, which look (e.

microscopy) as 'black spots' (nano-objects with illegible contours).*

* Suspicious 'black spots' can live: into cytoplasm, into mitochondrions

(respiratory problems of some tumors), into membrane (change of thickness **

and** penetration), etc.*

* Mitochondrions *(O.Warburg) *(see O.Warburg's the Respiratory theory

of cancer), oncoviruses *(R.Süss)*, peroxisomes **and** other microbodies *

(Y.Mochizuki)* change contours, self-mask, disappear mysterious

**and**appear again. Fantastically!


* Suspicious 'black spots' (with invisible harmful magnetic fields) can

disfigure DNA (DNA is linear, 'non-periodical'/'non-regular', moving,

negative charged crystal); distort mitoses; repress intracellular enzyme

systems (by creation of intracellular deficiency of free heavy metals);

change properties (sphericity, elasticity, *etc.*) **and** behavior


of tumor** cells.*

* **Moving, negative charged object (DNA) creates around oneself

magnetic field. [[Immovable, negative charged object doesn't create around

oneself magnetic field. Immovable, negative charged object creates around

oneself electric field *(see Coulomb's law)*.]]. Intracellular

ferro(i)magnetic nano-crystal (=constant magnet) creates around oneself

magnetic field. Therefore ferro(i)magnetic intoxic consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes can disfigure DNA. *

* Daughter tumor cells receive suspicious 'black spots' from mother

tumor cell (with own portions of cytoplasm **and** membrane). Tumor cell is

bio-system: diamagnetic water + dia-, para-, ferri- **and** ferromagnetic

objects (atoms, molecules, nano-crystals, pico---nano-particles,

organelles). **Theoretically, if you transplant/seat

**ferro(i)magnetic**nano-crystals into normal cell (cytoplasm,

mitochondrions, membrane,

**etc.**), then you receive/produce tumor cell. **Intra-tumor,

intra-metastatic **and** common (very cautious **and** accurate) limitation

of free iron can repress **and** liquidate any neoplastic process.*

* Majority of snobbish oncological research Establishments

(Monopolists!) ignores the ferromagnetic theory-2006 of carcinogenesis (*=*the

ferromagnetic theory of cancer) and iron-neutralized methods. Of course,

sometimes radiation and modern chemotherapy, as well as folk medicine

orparallel suppurative-inflammatory process are helpful because they

INDIRECTLY cause iron-deficient conditions into tumor **and** into

metastases. At the same time radiation and modern chemotherapy are

carcinogenic because these therapies cause mass death of iron-containing

(metal-containing) cells: 1) tumor somatic cells; 2) normal somatic cells

(such thing is also present) **and **3) blood cells. Very very rarely

parallel suppurative-inflammatory process (the first-born death (Job 18:13))

successfully (completely) destroys tumor process (the first-born death also)

**and** 'not very abacterially (sterile) operated' oncopatient (who lost a

lot of blood as well) totally recovers. Methods-2009 must DIRECTLY cause

iron-deficient conditions into tumor **and** into metastases. **Onco-swindler!

Wo hast du deinen Verstandskasten? Hände hoch! Hitler kaputt-1945!


kaputt-2009! The ferromagnetic theory of cancer** sehr gut!** *

* **Historical excursion: Alexandr Fleming (1881-1955) had been

publishing articles about penicillin in press, had been making reports at

the conferences for more than 10 years (1928-1938). But nobody believed him.

Then everybody decided that the author of the articles about penicillin had

died. Mathe wrote 'Dossier cancer'. I can write 'Dossier scientific

marasmus'. G.Mendel (1822-1884) discovered laws of inheritance in 1866. Mad

scientists understood genetics-work of G.Mendel in 1900. Bravo! Bis! People

are fools (Jeremiah 10:14). Familiarity? Truth! Mendeleyev:

1869---1886(admission). Einstein: 1905---1919(admission). F.Rous

(1879-1970): 1911(discovery of hen's oncovirus)---1966(Nobel Prize). Thanks!

I shall receive Nobel Prize in 2066? The Russian scientists V.A.Manassein **

and** A.G.Polotebnov attempted to develop penicillin's theme in 1868-1871,

but...indifference **and** degradation (alcoholism?) of colleagues. I.Newton

read about circular form of Earth (Isaiah 40:22) and emptiness (Job 26:7).

One-pole gravitate fields and double-pole magnetic fields are emptiness.

Deadly emptiness! [Naive thinkers (the British) like discoveries of

I.Newton. I like naive comrades (the British, the Americans, the Germans

(especially women), **etc.**). The Germans can prepare for me honeyed trap.

Honeyed trap eats Solomon! Um Hilfe rufen! My snobbish hobby: to guess

silly (human) thoughts.]. I read about iron *and* cancer (hundreds of

biblical fragments). Maybe some scientists want to read about new rocket

technologies? I'm sorry, but foolish atheists aren't able to understand

biblical information. Or: go to Römisch Papa?*

* UK, RF, USA and Germany are intellectual leaders in oncology (and

ultra-beauteous super-gold $$$$$).*

* I propose for Directors of Departments of Health of UK, RF, USA **and

** Germany to control work of impudent research onco-monopolists, who


*1)* f. essence (nature) of any oncopathology; *2)* iron-neutralized

methods (means, ways, manners, measures, modes, artifices, shifts) of

treatment of oncopathologies. @@@*

*Rudolf Wirhov presumed that no one, even under the tortures, couldn't be

able to answer what the cancer cell really is. I can, even without being

tortured, because I'm armed with the knowledge of the Holy Writ. **Any tumor

cell is normal cell, which is taken ill nano-crystalline ferro(i)magnetic


*Normal cell contains some few ferro(i)magnetic** intoxic (untoxic)

consolidated nano-conglomerates-complexes. *

*Tumor cell contains many ferro(i)magnetic **in**toxic (untoxic)

consolidated nano-conglomerates-complexes.*

* Any man is mountain of well-organized n. and t. cells. Any cell is

mountain of well-organized atoms **and** molecules. Any i**ntracellular **f*

*erro(i)magnetic** in**toxic consolidated nano-conglomerate-complex is

mountain of well-organized + chaotically-organized atoms **and** molecules.

[Any modern spaceship is mountain of atoms **and** molecules; result foolish

human ideas **and** efforts.].** *

* Intracellular ferro(i)magnetic** in**toxic consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes are able to deactivate


**and** uncrystalline viruses by** intracellular deficiency of metals (Fe, *

*etc.**). Enzyme's systems of virus-AIDS 100%-die in iron-deficient

conditions (see Job 18:13-15 **or** go to the Black Sea, which represses any

virus//bacterial associations by iron-deficient method (H**2**S-water)).*

* **Into human organism** 'virus//bacterial process' can repress tumor

process by iron-deficient method.*

* Into human organism** tumor process can repress 'virus//bacterial

process' by iron-deficient method.*

* Into human organism** 'artificial-medical process' can repress tumor

process or/and 'virus-bacterial process' by iron- deficient method.*

* I offer to repress greedy caddish oncopharmafia by iron-**prison method.*


* [*So* I hope Africans without AIDS (=iron-deficient method) help Old

Europe **and** Old Russia demographyly **and** maybe, even, Presidently.].**


* Therefore: very simple, very inexpensive, very accurate iron-neutralized

methods *(means, ways, manners, measures, modes, artifices, shifts)* of

treatment of oncopathologies are oncopanacea.*

* Intracellular free Fe, hem Fe **and** unhem Fe are friends, necessary

substances into any cells. Intracellular free Fe **and** nano-crystalline Fe

are enemies, dangerous substances into any cells, the Biblical villainy.*

* For example, woman is friend (in the night) **and** enemy (in the

day-time) **(joke)**. Every month cunning women** lose blood so hemoglobin *

*and** iron and intellectual power (Ecclesiastes 7:28). Men have cancer 1,5

times more often than women, because % of iron content in man's blood serum

is 1,3 times as higher than in woman's. God knows that blood (human

**or**animal) is main content of iron, therefore: Leviticus 15:25;


19:26; Ezekiel 24:6-7. God avoids **and** ridicules iron objects (Exodus

4:25; Deuteronomy 3:11; Deuteronomy 5:22; 1Kings 22:11; Judges 4:3; Daniel

7:19) **and** rust Fe2O3*nH2O (Matthew 6:19-20). Iron is calamity (Ezekiel

4:3). Ferromagnetic** theory of cancer is **calamity for demagogic

onco-pharm-drones. If you are dunderhead (if you ununderstand biblical

information) then you can see forecasts of Evangelia Dimitrova (1911-1996)

(Vanga, Bulgarian). Such prophets (prophetesses) exist really (The Acts

16:16). God restricts Vanga by bad translators (Macedonian dialect)

**and**cancer. Vanga foretold: 1) Mankind will beat cancer in the

beginning of 21

century; medicament-panacea will be connect with iron; 2) 'USSR' will be

restore to 2025; 3) Speed of transport-2050 will be comparison with 300000

km/s. I ask Gross-USA **and** Gross-Europe to develop thermonuclear (sunny)

energetics (I weep: oil kaputt, liquid oxygen plus liquid hydrogen sehr gut)

**and** transport rocketbuilding, but, bitte schön, not oxygen-hydrogen.

Schnell! Pardon, I forget about your school certificates, which are

false-forged. Schade! Sun holds plasma by strong gravity field. Foolish

people (thermonuclearers) want to hold plasma by strong magnetic field.

Result? Zero. Maybe: 'one-pole' gravity field = 'double-pole' magnetic

field? Gravitons = magnetons? God's ideas = human (foolish) ideas? White =

black? Defect of mass = defect of mind? To be or not to be? Maybe or not

maybe? I recommend to ask the Britishers. Albion is the most intellectual

country. Idiots-oncoscientists don't understand: intracellular magnetic

fields are invisible. Idiots-thermonuclearers don't understand: strong

double-pole magnetic fields aren't applicable to hold plasma. If speed of

light = endless, then magnetic fields kaputt. Iron is compressed hydrogen (4

milliards degrees). Star can't overcome iron barrier = star self-presses and

explodes. ***

* **It is considered that a slow blood loss even of 75% of blood and more

doesn't end with the death of an injured person, especially using modern

methods of treatment **and** reanimation. There is no doubt that an oncopatient

wouldn't survive under these circumstances. Everything should be done

steady, but the precious time could not be wasted. But injective (target =

centre of tumor **and** centres of metastases) antiiron therapy is main

therapy. Slow blood loss is auxiliary measure (maybe).*

* Nanocrystalline iron is führer of nanocrystalline ferro(i)magnetic

substances into any cells (human, animal, vegetative): crystalline oncoviruses,

crystalline chemical carcinogens **and** crystalline ferrites (Fe**2**O**3**

**Me*O, (*Me* = Co, Ni, Zn, Cu, Mg, Mn, **etc.**)). They are 'initiators' **

and** 'assistants' of nano-crystals of iron. Crystalline oncoviruses

**and**crystalline chemical carcinogens are: 1. Weak magnetic


OR/AND 2. Killers-poisoners of iron-containing cells.*

* Mankind must pay money ('without taxes') for advance-2007-2009 of


** theory of cancer. List of heroic persons encloses. I shall be complete

this list **and** points/marks (increase possibly) according with justice.

When the** ferromagnetic** theory of cancer (the ferromagnetic theory-2006

of carcinogenesis) will be well-known, then I shall finish completing this

list. *

*Mr Richard Goldfinch, MHRA, London, UK, 20 points*

*Miss Cally Palmer CBE, The Royal Marsden NHS, London, UK, 10 points*

*Mr Malcolm Jones, Department of Health, London, UK, 10 points*

*Mr L. Michelle Bennett, Center for Cancer Research NCI/NIH, Bethesda, USA,

10 points*

*Ms Barbara Cavilla, BACR, Surrey, UK, 10 points *

*Ms L.Romanova, State Agency of Medicines, Riga, Latvia, 10 points*

*Ms Monika Preszly, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany, 10 points*

*Mr Jan Liliemark, Medical Products Agency, Uppsala, Sweden, 7 points *

*Mr V.A.Egorov, Minzdravsocrazvitia, Moscow, RF, 5 points*

*Mr V.F.Semiglazov, NIIO, S-Peterburg, RF, 5 points *

*Mr M.A.Zabezhinski, NIIO, S-Peterburg, RF, 5 points *

*Ms Nadine Flerlage, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany, 5 points*

*Ms Stefanie Preisser, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany, 5 points*

*Ms Kerry Paige Nesseler, Department of Health, Rockville, USA, 5 points *

*Mr Deborah Pearson, NIH/NCI, Bethesda, USA, 5 points *

*Mr Pat Troop, HPA, London, UK, 5 points *

*Mr Justin McCracken, HPA, London, UK, 5 points; Mr Jane Spencer, Department

of Health, London, UK, 3 points; Mr Hans-Joachim Gebest, DKFZ, Heidelberg,

Germany, 3 points; Mr A.I.Barishnikov, RONZ, Moscow, RF, 3 points; Mr

A.V.Sergeev, RONZ, Moscow, RF, 3 points; Mr T.I.Klochkova, RONZ, Moscow, RF,

3 points; Ms Maria Alves, EMEA, London, UK, 3 points; Mr Kjell Asplund,

Socialstyrelsen, Stockholm, Sweden, 3 points; Mr Ann Bengtsson,

Socialstyrelsen, Stockholm, Sweden, 3 points; Mr Adrienne Watts, Cancer

Research UK, London, UK, 2 points; Ms I.L.Andreeva, Minzdravsocrazvitia,

Moscow, RF, 2 points; Ms Inguna Adovica, State Agency of Medicines, Riga,

Latvia, 2 points; Mr V.I.Chissov, MNIOI, Moscow, RF, 1 point; Ms

I.G.Lopuhova, Minzdravsocrazvitia, Moscow, RF, 1 point; Mr Stephen Atkinson,

Department of Health, London, UK, 1 point; Ms Gisela Harms, DKFZ,

Heidelberg, Germany, 1 point; Mr V.Berlande, State Agency of Medicines,

Riga, Latvia, 1 point; Ms Kurakina, State Agency of Medicines, Riga, Latvia,

1 point; Mr Biedre, State Agency of Medicines, Riga, Latvia, 1 point; Ms

Rogovska, State Agency of Medicines, Riga, Latvia, 1 point; Mr Günther

Dettweiler, Robert Koch Institut, Berlin, Germany, 1 point; Ms Christina

Gille, Robert Koch Institut, Berlin, Germany, 1 point...*

* God likes mathematics **and** physics. For examples, proportions of

Noah's ark 150x25x15 (Genesis 6:15) take into account level of earthen

gravitation, density of water **and** air, force of waves, **etc. **Some

scientific onco-pharm-boars like mathematics. They take into account sums of

onco-budgetary **and** onco-pharmaceutical money (ultra-wonderful

substance). They can sell for money even own mothers. They will plan to

invent onco-fairy-tales for naive people endlessly.*

Required reading

Paul Krugman had a good op-ed a few days ago in the Times about how Obama has failed to seize command of the health care debate, and specifically how he hasn't been indignant about how badly misrepresented the various proposals have been.

Well, the President took a good step in the right direction by clearly laying out the proposal and its benefits in another Times op-ed today.

06 August 2009

A culture of excellence

This slide-deck from Netflix about cultivating their corporate culture of success is full of good ideas for anyone organizing a group of people (whether in a corporation or academia). [HT: kottke]

A couple of my favorite points:
  1. In procedural work, the best employees are only twice as effective as the average, whereas in creative work the best employees can be ten times as effective as an average worker (VORP, for those of you who are sabermetricians).
  2. The full text of their policy on Expensing, Entertainment, Gifts & Travel: "Act in Netflix's best interests".

01 August 2009

Street view is amazing

Sometimes the interwebs just blows my mind. I'm meeting some friends in Camden Town tonight, and was not looking forward to the faff of taking the train into London, when it was suggested that I could just drive. First we checked to make sure the pub in question was outside the Congestion Charge Zone, which is pretty blase Web 1.0 stuff.

What was awesome is when I wondered out loud if I could park nearby on the street. I already had the google map of the area open, so I clicked on 'Street View' and within about ten seconds was looking at this (no idea why the finishing hour on Saturday is blurred...anybody?):

Cash for clunkers

Various European countries (including the UK) have rolled out so-called "cash for clunkers" programs as part of economic stimulus packages. I saw in the Times (of New York) today that the equivalent plan in the US has been so successful it ran out of money. Congress looks likely to execute some kind of extension, but not without typical bitching about "not getting enough value for taxpayer dollar" -- i. e. the deal the government has been offering is "too good".

Isn't the point of the stimulus for the Federal government to create money out of thin air and inject it into the economy as quickly as possible to prop up the economy? Surely this program should be enlarged right away, since it:
  1. Gets money from the gov't into somebody's pocket (i.e. the economy) fast.
  2. Stimulates the woeful auto industry in particular.
  3. Is a win for the environment because you have to replace your clunker with a more efficient car.
Compared with some of the other crap in the stimulus, this seems like perfection itself!