24 August 2009

Brains are funny

Basically every morning I go to the campus coffee shop and get a large black Americano (which I don't actually like that much, but there's no decent brewed coffee). Today I needed a second morning cup to fuel me, so I went back, but was confronted by the long 10:30 coffee break line. Since it was my second cup I was going to have a small one, but I started thinking about other things while waiting and by the time it was my turn to order, my mouth said (without any conscious input from me) "large black please".

I guess this is the epitome of boring stories but I was amazed by this moment of trying to say one thing, but having some trained response to standing at the counter make me say something else. It was incredibly bizarre.


Capt. Clarence Oveur said...

You take your coffee black?

MRhé said...

So you had *two* cups of coffee?

Foonyor said...

It's funny (actually it isn't): any time someone asks me how I take my coffee (when not in polite company) I respond, "I take it black. Like my men."

Also: MRhe leaving a snarky comment on this post? Most Predictable Thing Ever.

MRhé said...

You leave me no choice the way you play.