30 May 2009

Huevos Benedictos

Our first attempt at full eggs benedict (after perfecting poached eggs a la carte). These are actually from a few weeks ago, but just downloaded the picture off my camera.

Breakfast visitor

This fellow was in our garden this AM.

29 May 2009


As soon as Swinefest 2K9 was heating up a few of us predicted that if we got a hold of some samples and sequenced them it would be a dead easy Science paper. We were right, but somebody else had the idea!

26 May 2009

Khalid Sheik Muhammed != Magneto

I really don't understand this argument that Dick Cheney (plus most of Congress?) is making about how dangerous it would be to move some Guantanamo inmates to supermax prisons in the lower 48. There are at least three reasons this argument is dumb:
  1. If these guys are too dangerous to be kept in the USA, doesn't that mean they're too dangerous to be kept in Cuba? If they escape there, they would be on an island deemed to be an American enemy. Wouldn't that be better for them than escaping into the Colorado wilderness?
  2. These terrorists aren't dangerous themselves, they're dangerous (if at all) when they get together and plan bombings etc. We already keep some seriously bad dudes locked up in supermax prisons; people who I'd be a lot more frightened of in my neighborhood than your average radical Islamist.
  3. They won't escape! Nobody has ever escaped!
And if they do, Pres. Obama has a dream team on call.

23 May 2009

Degree day

I officially took my D Phil today.

13 May 2009

New home

I've decided to switch from the paid Typepad service to free Blogger, since I post so rarely these days. I've been queuing up this switch for nearly a year, though, so maybe the transition will actually encourage me to blog more?

Let me also just mention that if you're trying to migrate from Typepad to Blogger, some folks at google code have finally produced a tool for that particular conversion (as well as many others!) The only downside at the moment is that I can't seem to get comments to migrate successfully, which is a slight bummer!