13 May 2009

New home

I've decided to switch from the paid Typepad service to free Blogger, since I post so rarely these days. I've been queuing up this switch for nearly a year, though, so maybe the transition will actually encourage me to blog more?

Let me also just mention that if you're trying to migrate from Typepad to Blogger, some folks at google code have finally produced a tool for that particular conversion (as well as many others!) The only downside at the moment is that I can't seem to get comments to migrate successfully, which is a slight bummer!


MRhé said...

Nice to see you on Bl0gger.

Don't worry, I will continue to fill your posts with inane commentary.

MRhé said...

Also - Did you hire Scottopages, LLC to design your blog? Some serious minimalist stylesheet action going on here.

I back it though.

Scott said...

I was just going to say: nice stylesheets!

Foonyor said...

Do you like the Courier at the top, too, Scottalong?

Scott said...

Of course. Best viewed in Lynx!