25 May 2007


This anti-McCarver tirade at FJM had tears rolling down my face. High comedy.

24 May 2007

Graphic design

I had an awesome conversation with the Hutch barista (also known as the painting wing of Bird Show of North America) today about the dumbed-down standards of modern graphic design, especially in the field of professional sports logos. It's bad enough for new teams, as pointed out by another dude in the coffee line, "The Avalanche logo looks like a Frosty."

What's even worse is when teams with classy logos decide to "modernise", exemplified by the Pat the Patriot to Flying Elvis transformation:

Pat Flyingelvis

In the end you're left with a bunch of designs which all look generically trendy, but are just generic. The barista apparently has a college degree in graphic design, but said he got fed up with it because it was full of computer science dropouts who figured if they could use a computer they could do design.


I decided to Tabblo that jazz (to paraphrase). If you have time to kill, you can also browse all 756 photographs taken by the five cameras on the trip, amalgamated by jrandall.

23 May 2007


FJM does an excellent job of putting this dude in his place for mocking the Wakester. Best line in the rebuttal:

Papelbon just struck out Captain Intangibles looking, and the Yankees are right back where they were before Wake took the hill.

17 May 2007

Quote of the day

“One of the most important things I learned at MIT was from Bill
Lobar, Lou’s [Professor of Physics Emeritus Louis S. Osborne's]
technician. I asked him one day to show me how the oscilloscope worked,
since I’d forgotten whatever I’d learned in undergraduate labs. Bill
said, ‘fiddle with the knobs, you’ll figure it out.’ He was right, and
it works with almost everything in life. I’ll bet Lou fostered that
kind of thinking.”

Virgil Elings (Cousre VIII PhD '66, founder of Digital Instruments Inc.)

13 May 2007

Memorial Day

I might be coming through Boston on Memorial Day Weekend, so if you live there, let me know if you'll be around that weekend.

Also, details and pics from Sardinia to come soon.