24 May 2007

Graphic design

I had an awesome conversation with the Hutch barista (also known as the painting wing of Bird Show of North America) today about the dumbed-down standards of modern graphic design, especially in the field of professional sports logos. It's bad enough for new teams, as pointed out by another dude in the coffee line, "The Avalanche logo looks like a Frosty."

What's even worse is when teams with classy logos decide to "modernise", exemplified by the Pat the Patriot to Flying Elvis transformation:

Pat Flyingelvis

In the end you're left with a bunch of designs which all look generically trendy, but are just generic. The barista apparently has a college degree in graphic design, but said he got fed up with it because it was full of computer science dropouts who figured if they could use a computer they could do design.

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