16 August 2009


Weirdest unsolicited email I've ever received:

Honorable Mr. Barrett The ferromagnetic theory of


*The work of the Department of Health, Medical/Health Agencies and Cancer

Research Establishments needs great care, attentiveness and uninfantility.*

*Information for the Department of Health, Medical/Health Agencies and

Cancer Research Establishments: modern methods of treatment of oncopathologies

are invalid, ineffective, obsolete, infirm, flaccid *and *not absolutely

correct (see oncostatistics). Surgical method is adequate enough, but is

not always appropriate.*

*Modern methods don't pay any attention to the primary (=ferromagnetic


cause/reason (ferromagnetic nano-technology) of tumor process.*

*Scientists often confuse or/and mix up the reason with the consequence,

primary reason with factors, truth with false.*

*Once royal R.Boyle (1627-1691) 'proved': magnetic fields didn't 'work' in

vacuum. Now onco**scientists can **'prove': magnetic fields don't 'work'

in water.***

*Any oncopathology (cancer, sarcoma, leucosis, etc) is disease of cells.*

*Any man is: 1) mountain of cells; 2) potential oncopatient.*

*Molecular-biologically: any tumor cell is normal cell, which is taken ill

nano-crystalline ferro(i)magnetic 'infection'.*

*Chemical, spectral and target Electron Paramagnetic Resonance analyses of

such nano-crystalline ferro(i)magnetic 'infection' are difficult.*

*'Antisocial behaviour' (R.Süss) of tumor cells (infringement of **rule of

contact inhibition of multiplication) **can explain by 'action' of

nano-crystalline ferro(i)magnetic 'infection'. [Spleen ('erythrocytes

cemetery') is the most iron-containing organ **and** organ with anticancer

properties. Cells of spleen don't fear intracellular nano-crystalline

ferro(i)magnetic 'infection'.].*

*Excessively-conservative **onco**scientists (oncomonopolists) with false

school-certificates explain 'antisocial behaviour' of tumor cells by 'work'

of excessive negative charged membranes of tumor cells (**Coulomb's law).*

*Excessive conservatism is almost schizophrenia!***

*French Coulomb (1736-1806) saw that 'behaviour' of charges (+; -) =

'behaviour' of poles of constant magnets (N; S).*

*'-' *and* '-' *and* '-' *and* '-' *and* '-' ... mutually push off (variant


*N *and* N *and* N *and* N *and* N ... mutually push off (variant No.2).*

*Moving*, negative charged objects (DNA, membrane, etc.) create around

oneself magnetic fields *(variant No.1+No.2).** *

*But, some onco**scientists see only variant **No.1 and** ultra-beauteous onco

*phar*money. *

*So, any oncopathology is intracellular nanocrystalline-ferromagnetic

disease. [Ferrum-age gives epidemic of ferrum-disease.].*

*Nano**crystalline iron is führer/khan of nanocrystalline ferro(i)magnetic

substances into any cells.*

*Crystalline oncoviruses, crystalline chemical carcinogens

**and**crystalline ferrites (Fe

**2**O**3****Me*O, (*Me* = Co, Ni, Zn, Cu, Mg, Mn, *etc.*)) are 'initiators'

and 'assistants' of nano-crystals of iron.*

*Nano-crystals of iron can appear into cells automatically (without


aggression of crystalline oncoviruses **and** crystalline chemical

carcinogens) when concentration of intracellular free iron is high (very

caloric meat nourishment, hemochromatosis and sideroblastic anemia) (see

Marilynn Larkin; M.S.Kleckner, G.K.Mallory, R.A.MacDonald). You like

tea andcoffee? Tea

**and** coffee are sources of very useful manganese (Mn) for brains,

pancreas, reproductive function, *etc.* Nano-crystalline Mn isn't

ferromagnetic substances. But nano-crystalline Mn+N is ferromagnetic

(intracellular) substances. Any tumor is trap of nitrogen (N). So

Mn+N=death. Reproductive and brain-intellectual problems I can solve not by

tea **and** coffee, but by my ... Reproductive problems aren't the African

problems. Enzyme's systems of virus AIDS kaputt in iron-deficient

conditions. The Africans must save very oldish Europe reproductively soon!


*'Initiators'/'assistants' 'work' into cell by weak invisible harmful

magnetic fields.*

*Scientists with holey logic think that crystalline oncoviruses

**and**crystalline chemical carcinogens ('initiators'/'assistants')

spoil normal

cell only by virus-DNA/RNA **or** intracellular chemical reactions.

[Genosses with iron logic: Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Nat Pinkerton,

Megre, Columbo (Peter Falk), Kommissar Reks! Um Hilfe rufen!]*

*Nano-crystals of iron 'work' into cell by strong invisible harmful

magnetic fields. *

*Into tumor cells nano-crystals of iron and its 'assistants' found

ferro(i)magnetic intoxic (untoxic) consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes, which look (e. microscopy) as 'black spots'

(nano-objects with illegible contours).*

*Various intracellular useful, neutral, reserved, excrement's substances

look (e. microscopy) as 'black spots' also. Problem! Fraud!*

*Ferro(i)magnetic** consolidated nano-conglomerates-complexes into tumor

cells have unlike poles (but not unlike charges!).*

*Electric and magnetic phenomena connect! Not only into industrial

transformers or computer technique. Into cells also [Nervous life

**à**supplementary electrization of organism (cells, intracellular


**à** supplementary magnetization of organism (cells, intracellular objects)

**à** oncopathology]. *

*Poles of ferro(i)magnetic** in**toxic consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes **into tumor cell orient in accordance with

negative charge of membrane of tumor cell. One pole orients

to**membrane of tumor cell.

**Second pole orients to** centre of t. cell.*

*So, paradox: negative charged membrane of tumor cell is as monolithic

one-pole magnet! DNA is moving negative charged crystal. Constant magnets

influence moving negative charged objects. *

*Of course, any normal cell has some few ferro(i)magnetic** consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes (=any man is potential oncopatient).*

*Therefore: very simple, very inexpensive, very accurate iron-deprived,

iron-bereaved, iron-striped, iron-robed, iron-lost, iron-removed,

iron-destroyed, iron-exterminated, iron-extirpated, iron-disable,

iron-disappeared, iron-spoilt, iron-dislodged, iron-banished, iron-exiled,

iron-limitative, iron-restrictive, iron-neutralized methods *(means, ways,

manners, measures, modes, artifices, shifts)* of treatment of oncopathologies

are oncopanacea. Very simple, very inexpensive!? How awful!*

*This means total financial castration of oncological-pharmaceutical mafia =

some onco-pharmaceutical companies **and** some onco-research institutions

(= onco-research monopolists) *(secret information).* *

*Intracellular free Fe, hem Fe **and** unhem Fe are necessary substances

into cells.*

*Intracellular free Fe **and** nano-crystalline Fe are dangerous substances

into cells, the Biblical villainy.*

*For example, alcohol (water, honey, woman, iron horse, iron bird) is friend

**and** enemy. *

*Nano-crystalline Fe is as if uncalculable Fe into human organism

(approximate 15%). 15%!!! God can kill sinner by 0,5 - 1 gram of Fe. *

*Führer liked crystalline Fe (tanks, rockets, guns, grenades, automatic

rifles, pistols), but Führer feared nano-crystalline Fe (into

super-wonderful grossdeutsche Aryan cells). I like to see TV about modern

aircraft carriers (funny crystalline Fe, potential scrap-iron). *

*Some CREstablishments (CRMonopolists) ignore the ferromagnetic theory-2006

of carcinogenesis (*=*the ferromagnetic theory of cancer) and

iron-neutralized methods of treatment of oncopathologies because threat for

onco-budgetary and onco-pharmaceutical money.*

*Favorite schweinisch plays-2008/2009 of some double-faced Cancer Research

führers-leaders are silence (snobbish ultra-laconism) and ununderstanding

because deficiency of information, arguments and detailed details.*

*Progress in oncology can't be stopped by greed of

oncological-pharmaceutical mafia. Some CREstablishments (CRMonopolists)

fraud **and** disgrace people. I fear that people can smash some

**idiotic**CREstablishments (CRMonopolists) as football fans ... My plan

of defence for

some double-faced Cancer Research führers-leaders:*

*1.'We originated from monkeys (theory of evolution), therefore we don't

understand iron-neutralized methods by stupid monkey's brains.' (laconism +

verisimilitude = iron alibi). 2.Old Pinochet ('friend' of Iron Lady) gives

spectacles for very naive the English. Some double-faced onco-führers-leaders

can pretend degenerates-idiots and go to South America (by iron bird or iron

boat). Schnell! 3.Some double-faced onco-führers-leaders can migrate into

prisons. Iron gratings, iron handcuffs, iron bedsteads ... romanticism + new

friends-swindlers. I recommend prison documentary films-1945 about Hitler **

and** Mussolini; historical films about Napoleon **and** obstinate Pharaoh

who was drowned. History is reiterative farce. I hope Directors of the

Department of Health **and** Medical/Health Agencies; police-officers **and*

* some double-faced onco-führers-leaders will read my excellent plan with


*If you ignore this information then ... maybe you are friends of cancer **and

onco**pharmafia? I recommend you to go to police-office. Together we will

beat oncopharmafia. Together We (God **and** mankind) will beat cancer. @@@


* Numerous laboratory, clinical and analytical investigations over the

past few decades have observed that any oncopathology is ferromagnetic

nano-crystalline disease. Ferromagnetism is quantum phenomenon (magnetic

properties of electrons).*

* Ferromagnetism is fate only some crystalline substances (crystalline

oncoviruses, crystalline chemical carcinogens, some crystalline pharm-active

substances, some ordinary useful org./*in*org. crystalline substances, some

crystalline metals). Any **un**crystalline substances (atoms

**and**molecules) are dia-

and paramagnetic matters. Water is diamagnetic substance. *

* Some degenerative cancer researchers invent bluff-theories of cancer.

They think: cancer is sum of biochemical processes *into cells*. I think:

cancer is sum of biochemical processes + sum of nanocrystalline-ferromagnetic

processes *into cells*. Biophysicists must assist at some degraded C. R.

Establishments. Biophysicists must refute demagogy of

drones-pharmarionettes. *

* Nano-crystalline iron is main ferromagnetic (*=*carcinogenic) substance

into human organism (into cells). Crystalline iron is main ferromagnetic

substance in nature.*

* Crystalline oncoviruses, crystalline chemical carcinogens ((1. weak

magnetic substances or/and 2. killers-poisoners of iron-containing cells)) *

*and** crystalline ferrites are 'initiators' and 'assistants' of

nano-crystals of iron. Into tumor cells ferromagnetic nano-crystals of iron

and its ferro(i)magnetic 'initiators'/'assistants' found

ferro(i)magnetic intoxic

(untoxic) consolidated nano-conglomerates-complexes, which look (e.

microscopy) as 'black spots' (nano-objects with illegible contours).*

* Suspicious 'black spots' can live: into cytoplasm, into mitochondrions

(respiratory problems of some tumors), into membrane (change of thickness **

and** penetration), etc.*

* Mitochondrions *(O.Warburg) *(see O.Warburg's the Respiratory theory

of cancer), oncoviruses *(R.Süss)*, peroxisomes **and** other microbodies *

(Y.Mochizuki)* change contours, self-mask, disappear mysterious

**and**appear again. Fantastically!


* Suspicious 'black spots' (with invisible harmful magnetic fields) can

disfigure DNA (DNA is linear, 'non-periodical'/'non-regular', moving,

negative charged crystal); distort mitoses; repress intracellular enzyme

systems (by creation of intracellular deficiency of free heavy metals);

change properties (sphericity, elasticity, *etc.*) **and** behavior


of tumor** cells.*

* **Moving, negative charged object (DNA) creates around oneself

magnetic field. [[Immovable, negative charged object doesn't create around

oneself magnetic field. Immovable, negative charged object creates around

oneself electric field *(see Coulomb's law)*.]]. Intracellular

ferro(i)magnetic nano-crystal (=constant magnet) creates around oneself

magnetic field. Therefore ferro(i)magnetic intoxic consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes can disfigure DNA. *

* Daughter tumor cells receive suspicious 'black spots' from mother

tumor cell (with own portions of cytoplasm **and** membrane). Tumor cell is

bio-system: diamagnetic water + dia-, para-, ferri- **and** ferromagnetic

objects (atoms, molecules, nano-crystals, pico---nano-particles,

organelles). **Theoretically, if you transplant/seat

**ferro(i)magnetic**nano-crystals into normal cell (cytoplasm,

mitochondrions, membrane,

**etc.**), then you receive/produce tumor cell. **Intra-tumor,

intra-metastatic **and** common (very cautious **and** accurate) limitation

of free iron can repress **and** liquidate any neoplastic process.*

* Majority of snobbish oncological research Establishments

(Monopolists!) ignores the ferromagnetic theory-2006 of carcinogenesis (*=*the

ferromagnetic theory of cancer) and iron-neutralized methods. Of course,

sometimes radiation and modern chemotherapy, as well as folk medicine

orparallel suppurative-inflammatory process are helpful because they

INDIRECTLY cause iron-deficient conditions into tumor **and** into

metastases. At the same time radiation and modern chemotherapy are

carcinogenic because these therapies cause mass death of iron-containing

(metal-containing) cells: 1) tumor somatic cells; 2) normal somatic cells

(such thing is also present) **and **3) blood cells. Very very rarely

parallel suppurative-inflammatory process (the first-born death (Job 18:13))

successfully (completely) destroys tumor process (the first-born death also)

**and** 'not very abacterially (sterile) operated' oncopatient (who lost a

lot of blood as well) totally recovers. Methods-2009 must DIRECTLY cause

iron-deficient conditions into tumor **and** into metastases. **Onco-swindler!

Wo hast du deinen Verstandskasten? Hände hoch! Hitler kaputt-1945!


kaputt-2009! The ferromagnetic theory of cancer** sehr gut!** *

* **Historical excursion: Alexandr Fleming (1881-1955) had been

publishing articles about penicillin in press, had been making reports at

the conferences for more than 10 years (1928-1938). But nobody believed him.

Then everybody decided that the author of the articles about penicillin had

died. Mathe wrote 'Dossier cancer'. I can write 'Dossier scientific

marasmus'. G.Mendel (1822-1884) discovered laws of inheritance in 1866. Mad

scientists understood genetics-work of G.Mendel in 1900. Bravo! Bis! People

are fools (Jeremiah 10:14). Familiarity? Truth! Mendeleyev:

1869---1886(admission). Einstein: 1905---1919(admission). F.Rous

(1879-1970): 1911(discovery of hen's oncovirus)---1966(Nobel Prize). Thanks!

I shall receive Nobel Prize in 2066? The Russian scientists V.A.Manassein **

and** A.G.Polotebnov attempted to develop penicillin's theme in 1868-1871,

but...indifference **and** degradation (alcoholism?) of colleagues. I.Newton

read about circular form of Earth (Isaiah 40:22) and emptiness (Job 26:7).

One-pole gravitate fields and double-pole magnetic fields are emptiness.

Deadly emptiness! [Naive thinkers (the British) like discoveries of

I.Newton. I like naive comrades (the British, the Americans, the Germans

(especially women), **etc.**). The Germans can prepare for me honeyed trap.

Honeyed trap eats Solomon! Um Hilfe rufen! My snobbish hobby: to guess

silly (human) thoughts.]. I read about iron *and* cancer (hundreds of

biblical fragments). Maybe some scientists want to read about new rocket

technologies? I'm sorry, but foolish atheists aren't able to understand

biblical information. Or: go to Römisch Papa?*

* UK, RF, USA and Germany are intellectual leaders in oncology (and

ultra-beauteous super-gold $$$$$).*

* I propose for Directors of Departments of Health of UK, RF, USA **and

** Germany to control work of impudent research onco-monopolists, who


*1)* f. essence (nature) of any oncopathology; *2)* iron-neutralized

methods (means, ways, manners, measures, modes, artifices, shifts) of

treatment of oncopathologies. @@@*

*Rudolf Wirhov presumed that no one, even under the tortures, couldn't be

able to answer what the cancer cell really is. I can, even without being

tortured, because I'm armed with the knowledge of the Holy Writ. **Any tumor

cell is normal cell, which is taken ill nano-crystalline ferro(i)magnetic


*Normal cell contains some few ferro(i)magnetic** intoxic (untoxic)

consolidated nano-conglomerates-complexes. *

*Tumor cell contains many ferro(i)magnetic **in**toxic (untoxic)

consolidated nano-conglomerates-complexes.*

* Any man is mountain of well-organized n. and t. cells. Any cell is

mountain of well-organized atoms **and** molecules. Any i**ntracellular **f*

*erro(i)magnetic** in**toxic consolidated nano-conglomerate-complex is

mountain of well-organized + chaotically-organized atoms **and** molecules.

[Any modern spaceship is mountain of atoms **and** molecules; result foolish

human ideas **and** efforts.].** *

* Intracellular ferro(i)magnetic** in**toxic consolidated

nano-conglomerates-complexes are able to deactivate


**and** uncrystalline viruses by** intracellular deficiency of metals (Fe, *

*etc.**). Enzyme's systems of virus-AIDS 100%-die in iron-deficient

conditions (see Job 18:13-15 **or** go to the Black Sea, which represses any

virus//bacterial associations by iron-deficient method (H**2**S-water)).*

* **Into human organism** 'virus//bacterial process' can repress tumor

process by iron-deficient method.*

* Into human organism** tumor process can repress 'virus//bacterial

process' by iron-deficient method.*

* Into human organism** 'artificial-medical process' can repress tumor

process or/and 'virus-bacterial process' by iron- deficient method.*

* I offer to repress greedy caddish oncopharmafia by iron-**prison method.*


* [*So* I hope Africans without AIDS (=iron-deficient method) help Old

Europe **and** Old Russia demographyly **and** maybe, even, Presidently.].**


* Therefore: very simple, very inexpensive, very accurate iron-neutralized

methods *(means, ways, manners, measures, modes, artifices, shifts)* of

treatment of oncopathologies are oncopanacea.*

* Intracellular free Fe, hem Fe **and** unhem Fe are friends, necessary

substances into any cells. Intracellular free Fe **and** nano-crystalline Fe

are enemies, dangerous substances into any cells, the Biblical villainy.*

* For example, woman is friend (in the night) **and** enemy (in the

day-time) **(joke)**. Every month cunning women** lose blood so hemoglobin *

*and** iron and intellectual power (Ecclesiastes 7:28). Men have cancer 1,5

times more often than women, because % of iron content in man's blood serum

is 1,3 times as higher than in woman's. God knows that blood (human

**or**animal) is main content of iron, therefore: Leviticus 15:25;


19:26; Ezekiel 24:6-7. God avoids **and** ridicules iron objects (Exodus

4:25; Deuteronomy 3:11; Deuteronomy 5:22; 1Kings 22:11; Judges 4:3; Daniel

7:19) **and** rust Fe2O3*nH2O (Matthew 6:19-20). Iron is calamity (Ezekiel

4:3). Ferromagnetic** theory of cancer is **calamity for demagogic

onco-pharm-drones. If you are dunderhead (if you ununderstand biblical

information) then you can see forecasts of Evangelia Dimitrova (1911-1996)

(Vanga, Bulgarian). Such prophets (prophetesses) exist really (The Acts

16:16). God restricts Vanga by bad translators (Macedonian dialect)

**and**cancer. Vanga foretold: 1) Mankind will beat cancer in the

beginning of 21

century; medicament-panacea will be connect with iron; 2) 'USSR' will be

restore to 2025; 3) Speed of transport-2050 will be comparison with 300000

km/s. I ask Gross-USA **and** Gross-Europe to develop thermonuclear (sunny)

energetics (I weep: oil kaputt, liquid oxygen plus liquid hydrogen sehr gut)

**and** transport rocketbuilding, but, bitte schön, not oxygen-hydrogen.

Schnell! Pardon, I forget about your school certificates, which are

false-forged. Schade! Sun holds plasma by strong gravity field. Foolish

people (thermonuclearers) want to hold plasma by strong magnetic field.

Result? Zero. Maybe: 'one-pole' gravity field = 'double-pole' magnetic

field? Gravitons = magnetons? God's ideas = human (foolish) ideas? White =

black? Defect of mass = defect of mind? To be or not to be? Maybe or not

maybe? I recommend to ask the Britishers. Albion is the most intellectual

country. Idiots-oncoscientists don't understand: intracellular magnetic

fields are invisible. Idiots-thermonuclearers don't understand: strong

double-pole magnetic fields aren't applicable to hold plasma. If speed of

light = endless, then magnetic fields kaputt. Iron is compressed hydrogen (4

milliards degrees). Star can't overcome iron barrier = star self-presses and

explodes. ***

* **It is considered that a slow blood loss even of 75% of blood and more

doesn't end with the death of an injured person, especially using modern

methods of treatment **and** reanimation. There is no doubt that an oncopatient

wouldn't survive under these circumstances. Everything should be done

steady, but the precious time could not be wasted. But injective (target =

centre of tumor **and** centres of metastases) antiiron therapy is main

therapy. Slow blood loss is auxiliary measure (maybe).*

* Nanocrystalline iron is führer of nanocrystalline ferro(i)magnetic

substances into any cells (human, animal, vegetative): crystalline oncoviruses,

crystalline chemical carcinogens **and** crystalline ferrites (Fe**2**O**3**

**Me*O, (*Me* = Co, Ni, Zn, Cu, Mg, Mn, **etc.**)). They are 'initiators' **

and** 'assistants' of nano-crystals of iron. Crystalline oncoviruses

**and**crystalline chemical carcinogens are: 1. Weak magnetic


OR/AND 2. Killers-poisoners of iron-containing cells.*

* Mankind must pay money ('without taxes') for advance-2007-2009 of


** theory of cancer. List of heroic persons encloses. I shall be complete

this list **and** points/marks (increase possibly) according with justice.

When the** ferromagnetic** theory of cancer (the ferromagnetic theory-2006

of carcinogenesis) will be well-known, then I shall finish completing this

list. *

*Mr Richard Goldfinch, MHRA, London, UK, 20 points*

*Miss Cally Palmer CBE, The Royal Marsden NHS, London, UK, 10 points*

*Mr Malcolm Jones, Department of Health, London, UK, 10 points*

*Mr L. Michelle Bennett, Center for Cancer Research NCI/NIH, Bethesda, USA,

10 points*

*Ms Barbara Cavilla, BACR, Surrey, UK, 10 points *

*Ms L.Romanova, State Agency of Medicines, Riga, Latvia, 10 points*

*Ms Monika Preszly, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany, 10 points*

*Mr Jan Liliemark, Medical Products Agency, Uppsala, Sweden, 7 points *

*Mr V.A.Egorov, Minzdravsocrazvitia, Moscow, RF, 5 points*

*Mr V.F.Semiglazov, NIIO, S-Peterburg, RF, 5 points *

*Mr M.A.Zabezhinski, NIIO, S-Peterburg, RF, 5 points *

*Ms Nadine Flerlage, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany, 5 points*

*Ms Stefanie Preisser, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany, 5 points*

*Ms Kerry Paige Nesseler, Department of Health, Rockville, USA, 5 points *

*Mr Deborah Pearson, NIH/NCI, Bethesda, USA, 5 points *

*Mr Pat Troop, HPA, London, UK, 5 points *

*Mr Justin McCracken, HPA, London, UK, 5 points; Mr Jane Spencer, Department

of Health, London, UK, 3 points; Mr Hans-Joachim Gebest, DKFZ, Heidelberg,

Germany, 3 points; Mr A.I.Barishnikov, RONZ, Moscow, RF, 3 points; Mr

A.V.Sergeev, RONZ, Moscow, RF, 3 points; Mr T.I.Klochkova, RONZ, Moscow, RF,

3 points; Ms Maria Alves, EMEA, London, UK, 3 points; Mr Kjell Asplund,

Socialstyrelsen, Stockholm, Sweden, 3 points; Mr Ann Bengtsson,

Socialstyrelsen, Stockholm, Sweden, 3 points; Mr Adrienne Watts, Cancer

Research UK, London, UK, 2 points; Ms I.L.Andreeva, Minzdravsocrazvitia,

Moscow, RF, 2 points; Ms Inguna Adovica, State Agency of Medicines, Riga,

Latvia, 2 points; Mr V.I.Chissov, MNIOI, Moscow, RF, 1 point; Ms

I.G.Lopuhova, Minzdravsocrazvitia, Moscow, RF, 1 point; Mr Stephen Atkinson,

Department of Health, London, UK, 1 point; Ms Gisela Harms, DKFZ,

Heidelberg, Germany, 1 point; Mr V.Berlande, State Agency of Medicines,

Riga, Latvia, 1 point; Ms Kurakina, State Agency of Medicines, Riga, Latvia,

1 point; Mr Biedre, State Agency of Medicines, Riga, Latvia, 1 point; Ms

Rogovska, State Agency of Medicines, Riga, Latvia, 1 point; Mr Günther

Dettweiler, Robert Koch Institut, Berlin, Germany, 1 point; Ms Christina

Gille, Robert Koch Institut, Berlin, Germany, 1 point...*

* God likes mathematics **and** physics. For examples, proportions of

Noah's ark 150x25x15 (Genesis 6:15) take into account level of earthen

gravitation, density of water **and** air, force of waves, **etc. **Some

scientific onco-pharm-boars like mathematics. They take into account sums of

onco-budgetary **and** onco-pharmaceutical money (ultra-wonderful

substance). They can sell for money even own mothers. They will plan to

invent onco-fairy-tales for naive people endlessly.*


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