07 February 2005

Piece of Paper

The piece of paper with the Oxford seal arrived today. Well, technically I received an email that said they had "posted out to me" an offer of a position in the Department of Statistics. A copy of that letter was attached to the email, though, which is close enough.

This has put the ball back in my court in terms of deciding between starting in Trinity (April) term or Michaelmas (October) term. So far the decision seems to be hinging around two points:

  1. Now that I know for sure that I'm doing this, I want to get started right away. It feels weird to stay at the Broad for 6 more months when I have the chance to go to Oxford now.

  2. October is the normal starting time for new students, which means I'll get to go through the matriculation process and have a better chance to get a room in a college (colleges are high-fallutin frats and generally regarded as the center of social life in the Oxbridge system).

Input is encouraged.

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