10 June 2010

On Abbreviations and Gambling

I'm trying to maximize interest in the World Cup by placing bets on it in various ways, including:
  1. Taking the USA to beat England on Saturday at an actual bookie (I stupidly placed this bet too early, and got 9/2 odds. All the goobers here betting on England have run them up to 13/2.)
  2. A sweepstake at work where teams are randomly assigned to people. I got Switzerland and Greece, so there's a fiver down the tube.
  3. A fantasy league (still negotiating the amount).
  4. A group stage bracket prediction pool
  5. Hopefully some random side bets on various games being watched chez Carl on his giant TV.
In all the correspondence on these topics I've been told to abbreviate it as the CdM (Coupe de Monde) because apparently WC doesn't show enough respect for the game.


MRhé said...

Coupe de Monde sounds like a Cadillac model.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, England is only a 2-1 favorite in Vegas. Same phenomenon here, I guess.

MRhé said...

Re: your recent tweet about CdM streaming - ESPN Soccernet has been pretty sweet.

Not sure if watching a Yank network offends your affected Britishness, however.