18 November 2007

Week 1 Update

WtmrcThis past week was my first at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (left). I have not yet found a place to live, so that's occupying quite a bit of my time at the moment. The CIMR is at the Addenbrooke's hospital site, which is similar to every other UK hospital I've seen: a hodge-podge of buildings thrown up over the last 40 years without much attention paid to architecture or layout.

This weekend I've been at the nearby Sanger Centre, teaching on a HapMap course which I was roped into at the last minute. This means I've already been away from Oxford for a week, instead of 3 days as originally intended. I guess I'm diving in faster than I expected! At least this gig is a good way to earn some spare cash.

The city itself is beautiful. We've had clear blue skies and bright winter sun, which makes the day a little easier to face!

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