12 November 2007


I spent today in Cambridge, both to get the lay of the land and to try to find a place to live. Success in the former, failure in the latter. Pictured at left is the inner courtyard of Gonville and Caius college (sister college to Brasenose). Cambridge generally felt like a slightly smaller, even more medieval version of Oxford (which is what everybody says). It was a cold, blue-sky day, so the city was certainly given a good chance to look beautiful.

My best lead for a house was a very cheap place relatively convenient to where I'll be working. The reason it is so cheap is that it's basically a gigantic frat-house. I'm too old to be living in a place where the kitchens are always full of last night's pizza, and there's literally a band practising in the ground floor lounge. I have more leads, however, and I'm spending two nights in a B&B this week, for my first three days of work (Weds-Fri). Scary, but exciting!

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