05 January 2007

Bleu Cheese

A *certain* MRhé recently posted about how sweet JetBleu is. I had a slightly different experience with same that I wanted to relate. I was scheduled to fly direct from BOS to SEA on the evening of January 2nd. While we were sitting on the tarmac the Captain came out to announce that the plane was so heavy they couldn't take on enough fuel to get us all the way across the country so we'd be stopping in scenic Great Falls, MT to refuel.

My theory on why the fully-loaded plane was so heavy can be broken down into 3 points:

  1. People had extra crap from Christmas.

  2. There were lots of students with big luggage heading back to school.

  3. Everybody was fat from all the holiday eating.

At any cost, the touchdown, refuel and takeoff made us nearly two hours
late in arriving at Seattle. I was mildly annoyed, but didn't care too
much because I had work to do on the plane (I saved just enough battery
on my laptop to power up in the baggage carousel area of SeaTac
airport, buy interwang access, and email my results off to the UK
collaborators, who were just waking up). I had more or less forgotten
about the incident.

But today JetBleu sent me an apology for the delay and a $25 voucher
for future travel. Now, $25 isn't much for airfare, but it really is
the thought that counts. In a consumer age which seems more and more
filled with companies who ignore the customer in favour of the bottom
line, it was nice to have a company get in touch with me unsolicited and try to make amends for a problem.

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