29 December 2006

You're my home

I arrived in Boston late on Boxing Day to discover that my father had somehow lost the keys to his car (parked at TF Green in Providence) at some point during the trip. We were the last people to be served by Budget Rental before they closed for the night and managed to get home without too much further delay.

Unfortunately since then my gastrointestinal tract has been giving me the business, so it hasn't exactly been a relaxing return home. I'm hoping a day's worth of bedrest will help me feel better. Plans for the New Year still haven't fully materialised, but there's definitely the possibilitas of either a sausagefest or me being the only stag at the party (grrrrrreat). I guess I'll just try to make it through the night with some Sparks Bombs.

Christmas in Vegas was interesting. I felt like the only non-Asian person in the MGM Grand, and the Western half of the country doesn't quite seem to have the same sense of Christmas, but it was fun. Got my first serious hours of playing cards in ages, and remembered that my NL play is usually horrendous after a long layoff. Good learning experience, though.

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