05 May 2005


Here I am, 3000 freaking miles away and one of the respectable English daily papers, the Guardian, is reporting on Amal's time travellers' convention. It's a simple idea, really: if you publicize a time-traveller gathering event scheduled for tomorrow (or Saturday in this case) well enough, and the evidence lasts far enough into the future that people living in some distant time when time travel is possible, you may just get a future time traveller to show up. When I first heard about it, I smiled and remembered all the stupid shit we did in college.

Now this has evidently become a worldwide news story. There are acid-free paper slips being hidden in rarely used tomes, radio waves being broadcast into space and print media coverage from newspapers all over. Congrats to Amal, I hope you get lots of future-attendees. I'll nip into the Bodelian (2nd largest library in Britain) and leave a note about it in some 11th century manuscripts.

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