08 May 2005

<i>Mulholland Drive</i>

I watched Mulholland Drive tonight and was left thinking, "That can't possiby be the end of the movie. Where the fuck is the denouement?" I immediately queried the web to find out what had just happened in the preveious 2.5 hours and I discovered a plot synopsis along with some questions and answers on salon.com. Appropiately, the first question they address is: "What the fuck is going on in this movie?"

I admit that I hazily got the idea that Diane and Betty are the same person, and early on I picked up the nods to the acting style of film noir (Betty's exaggerated persona, the kludgy lines) but I was definitely still lost. In the final "wacko" third of the film I was still trying to piece together a continuous time-line (which is obviously impossible). Anyway, I feel a bit like a hack, since I had to read a recap of the movie to get it, but I didn't have time to watch it a 2nd time to figure it out for myself.

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