25 April 2005

The More Things Change...

I went to my first formal hall yesterday (meaning I had to wear my graduate commoner's gown). It was pretty awesome (although the food was crappy) but I was to embarrassed to take pictures while it was going on. At some point I'll have to bite the bullet, though, because it's so cool. Afterwards there was a meeting of the Hulme Common Room, which is the Brasenose graduate student society.

Evidently last term they had some massive scandal where some wanker got pissed off at the council and found some bit in the HCR Constitution saying that everything they'd done that term had been un-Constitutional. In the aftermath, the newly (though unconstitutionally) elected President (a graduate of the US Naval Academy and the only guy with a gaudier ring than me) spent an hour and a half dancing around trying to do everything properly. It reminded me exactly of the pissier moments of EC government, but these people are all in their late 20's!! I guess we never really grow up.

Then they turned to some issue of abuse of the informal hcr-chat and more formal bnc-hcr email lists. Evidently people had been cc'ing their flames to the deans of the college. I bet they couldn't hold a candle to ec-discuss, though.

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