03 September 2004

9 in a row

It's almost bed time after the Red Sox put the final touches in their 9th straight victory (15 of their last 16, 19 of 22). After what Eck called "3 hours and a thousand pitches," slow moving Bartolo Colon is straddled with the loss as the Sox put 4.5 games between them and the Angels in the wild card race and kept the AL East gap at 3.5 games.

In other news I finally got the wireless network setup here at home which will be a big boon. Maybe this weekend I'll actually have some time to settle down here in Milton, since I've been living out of a few bags and boxes over the last week. The commute is even more fabulous than I remembered—today was my first day where the red line crept along from Ashmont to Kendall, taking 90 minutes. Yee-haw.

Work is busy as I'm trying to crank out the last few bits of code to finish the next Haploview release. After that will be testing, documentation (haha) and then back to several projects (Pinnacle diabetes presentation on Sept. 7, WI retreat on Sept. 17) which I sort of put aside lately in order to focus on coding. Jules and I have been doing some exciting Xtreme Programming lately which has been surprisingly fun and effective. Who knew?

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