02 February 2004


I feel like I should write about the 2nd Patriots Championship in 3 years, but it's hard to do. This was the first season I watched every game and so I feel spoiled since they won the Superbowl during my virgin season as a True Fan. I doubt football will ever have quite the same appeal for me as baseball, which makes me a total sports masochist, since I choose to prefer the team with perhaps the most agonizing fan experience in all of pro sports, instead of the team Who Can Do No Wrong.

Like nearly every game this season (c.f. Miami, Denver, Indianapolis (Part I), Tennessee (Parts I & II), Houston) the Pats couldn't just slam the door shut by halftime and then let us all relax and discuss Janet's breast for the second half. No, we needed yet another Vinatieri field goal to win it in the final seconds of the game.

I guess I summed up my feelings most accurately when I came to the office this morning and my Aussie coworker said, "You must be happy today." and I replied, "I'm not as happy now as I was depressed when the Red Sox blew Game 7 against the Yankees."

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