02 February 2004

Jenna Bush Saves on Ink Cartridges

This has got to be one of the weirdest attempts to advertise shitty web products in history. This site has a bio page on first-daughter Jenna Bush, which starts off with standard crap about her childhood and then tries to sneak in a few remarks on Jenna's web habits:

The president's daughter grew up in Texas and went to a public school until the sixth grade when the family moved to Austin when her father was elected governor. She attended St. Andrews Episcopal School until ninth grade when she transferred to Austin's public high school where the slogan is “Everybody is somebody at Austin High.”

Jenna is described as "bubbly" and “a blue-jeans-and-T-shirt kind of gal." It has been rumored that she likes win Free Cash at JackPot.com. She has also been described as the "Wild" one of the two. Jenna is said to like saving money on her inkjet cartridges at 00inkjets.com as well as getting paid to take online surveys at GoZing.com.

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