21 January 2004

Too Many Secrets

How relieved am I that Setec won the hunt? Very relieved.

Random would've had the same problems we did in creating a hunt for next year. I hope they get the chance to do it soon, but I think we need MH2005 to be written by some old pros with a track record for extremely well written puzzles as opposed to some fancy-schmancy theme/characters/gaming aspect. Hopefully Setec will get us back to a shorter hunt with more polish on the individual puzzles.

As for me next year, I'm not sure what will happen to the Armada. I know that some people are bummed that Setec won because they wanted to try to hunt with them next year, and that some people would rather hunt with anyone than have to see our motley crew again. I'm hoping that some core of people will stick together and that we'll have a fun group for next year. My biggest fear is that the people I really like on the team will end up splitting into two separate groups and I'll have to choose between them.

Ack, why the fuck am I even thinking about this? Can't I just forget about the Mystery Hunt? PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

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