21 January 2004

Mystery Hunt Withdrawal

I'm still having Mystery Hunt related nightmares and I'm still waking up with images of puzzles flying around in my head. Hopefully that will wear off soon enough. What's even more troubling is the sampling of reactions to the hunt that I've seen.

A lot of hunters were quick to criticize the brokenness of many of the puzzles and "bad attitude" of the call center operators. As for the former, there were many puzzles that were broken as all hell, and I guess I just feel guilty for not writing and solving more. I certainly learned some things about writing the hunt, and I think there was a broader lesson there but I'm not sure what it was.

And about the call center bad attitude, that was a combination of a few people on the Armada who just don't understand how to behave reasonably toward other people and a few people on hunting teams who took it way too seriously. People need to chill out--if you're doing the Mystery Hunt, you're obviously not stupid, so just relax and don't worry what some random person says over the telephone.

I guess I wish there had been some acknowledgement of all the work we did this year. I know how much I worked on it, and I wasn't even in the top ten biggest devotees.

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