21 October 2009

Hawai'i II

This post will hopefully be more interesting than the last one (which mainly consisted of a recitation of flight times and places). I'm now transitioning out of vacation mode and into conference mode in Honolulu. Four days on the Big Island were amazing, and included snorkeling, a 4WD trip to the summit of Mauna Kea to see the observatories and go stargazing, hiking across a volcano crater and seeing the lava flow into the ocean. Today, on my last free morning, I went on a two-tank dive: first to the wreck of the Sea Tiger, and second to a nearby reef.

Although I'm about to go mingle with some work colleagues at the opening mixer, I'm still enjoying the Aloha spirit.


JB said...

Bring me back some Aloha spirit - sounds tasty.

MRhé said...

Sounds amazing. Hope you're getting some photos.

When did you get your diver's cert?

Just came back from some tropical dabblings myself. This New England climate is for the birds.