30 June 2009

If you can't handle the heat...

...move to somewhere even colder than Britain, apparently. We're having a "heat wave" this week, which consists of temperatures in the low 30's (high 80's fahrenheit) and requires health alerts from the BBC and results in dangerous levels of whingeing by locals about it being too hot.

It's grey and rainy all year people! Enjoy yourselves!


KERaven said...

Amusing given that I'm from Chicago where we have actual heat waves every summer (i.e. 110 for a week) during which like 5 old people will die. I'm not sure that anyone dies from 80 degree weather.

MRhé said...

We've been having British ex-pat weather here: rainy, cold, overcast, and generally grim for the last couple weeks (with a gorgeous day here and there sprinkled in randomly).

Perhaps there's an exchange program?