22 September 2007


Background: I've always moaned about how unfair it is that English blokes get a huge advantage at pulling in the USA because of their accents, whereas nobody finds an American accent particularly sexy.

Scene: I need to call Virgin Media to finalise a payment for my broadband at my old house. Foonyor Barzane [FB] is speaking to a pleasant English saleswoman [PES].

[PES]: Your accent doesn't sound very English...
[FB]: Yes, I'm originally from the States, but I've lived in the UK for a few years.
[PES]: And you've never lost your accent!
[FB]: I guess, not, although I do sometimes wish I could do an English accent on command.
[PES]: (laughing) Oh no, never lose that accent, it's really nice...from a female point of view, anyway.
[FB]: (blushes) Thank you!

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