28 June 2007

jcbarret wisdom watch

  • Toyota Prius, so-so: I upgraded to a hybrid for the week in Seattle, and I have very mixed feelings about it. It's got a certain chic (especially out here in green-obsessed Seattle) and it certainly gets great gas mileage, but it's a bit of a pain in the arse to drive. The sight lines are bad, making it hard to change lanes, pull out of blind corners and park in tight spaces. The LCD showing how power is being generated, re-generated and dispensed among the wheels, motor, battery and engine is cool, but distracting while driving. It also just feels weird to have the engine randomly shutting off and restarting while in traffic; tough sensation to get used to. Most annoying though? When in reverse the car beeps a back-up chime INSIDE THE CAR. What's the point, other than to annoy the piss out of the driver?

  • Seattle, thumbs-up: I really do enjoy this city: nice neighborhoods, great scenery, wonderful fresh air, abundant delicious coffee and laid back folks. Qualitas.

  • Cincy wedding / MIT reunion, thumbs-up: I'm really psyched for this weekend, which should be an awesome reunion of all the people I love most from the 'tute. Shame it's only a couple of days!

  • SafeCo field, thumbs-up: Absolutely gorgeous stadium, great views from the cheap seats, easy parking. Too bad the Sox got swept whilst I was in town. Also too bad that beers cost eight bucks.

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