06 March 2007


I'm writing from a laundromat a few blocks from my hotel in Boulder. Is it a sign of the times or just that this is a college town that they have wi-fi here? I've always liked this part of the country: spectacular views, beautiful weather (bright sun and high 50's all week) and attractive women. There's also a sense of Americana that I either really love or find mildly nauseating.

The trip so far has been ups and downs, strikes and gutters. The interview in Seattle and a phone conversation at 7AM Mountain time about another job in the UK have left me feeling totally confused about where my career is going and even what kinds of things matter to me being happy in general. So in that sense I've been kind of dazed and troubled.

On the flip side of the same hand, however, I've managed to relax more than in quite a long time. There's a good crowd of people here and plenty of time outside the course to hang out and decompress, something I've needed for a long while now. Work still looms, but not oppressively. No skiing yet (might not have time in CO) but I hope that there's still snow on the peaks near Seattle.

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