10 January 2007


I just saw the gadget I want more than I've ever wanted a gadget: the iPhone. If you really want to get a sense for it, you have to watch Steve Jobs' keynote address about it, although the webpage demo is pretty neat as well.

In a rollicking show during which you can just see the enjoyment on his face, Jobs demonstrates a whole slew of features — so many, in fact, that you can feel the audience getting overwhelmed at it all. They start off applauding at practically every new click and twist, but by the end we're all exhausted at the scope of this gizmo. I actually laughed out loud three times in pure amazement (scrolling, the conference call, and the pinch). During one fantastic sequence, he uses Google Maps to find a local Starbucks, clicks on the phone number in the listing and crank calls them in front of 4000 people.

iPhone goes on sale in mid 2007, exclusively on Cingular. You'd better believe I'm getting one.

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