22 December 2006

Long journey

I'm posting this from Pacific Beach, San Diego, looking out at the Pacific Ocean from my hotel here. Jetlag is setting in, but I'm hoping to at least stay up as late as my parents to try to force my body in to West Coast time.

After working flat out in preparation for a meeting in London on Wednesday I was glad to get a start on my Christmas holiday. It was nearly derailed from the start, however, due to pea-soup fog in London for the last few days. BA cancelled all of their domestic flights (over 350) today, and pretty much all flights had some delay. Thankfully mine was only delayed by an hour, which meant I still had a good chance to make my connection in LAX to San Diego.

I decided to make the 11 hour flight more bearable by spending some air miles to upgrade to Business class, and boy was it worth it! A big difference to the commuter plane I took from LAX to San Diego, which was a Saab 340. I didn't even know Saab makes planes.

Is there a Ralph's around here?

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