15 November 2006

Homage to Florida

Holla at the bløgosphere! I'm writing this post from sunny Tampa, Florida, where this year's International Genetic Epidemiology Society meeting is being held. Unfortunately I'm in my room doing some last minute work instead of sitting on the beach drinking piña coladas. This is what I get for leaving work to the last minute I guess. I can't really complain, though, since sitting in this hotel with some Led Zep cranked and a glass of Sam Adams O-Fest at hand ain't so bad. Plus, I'll probably take another break soon, and by break I mean go chill out on the beach.

This joynt seems to be designed for snowbirds, and by snowbirds I mean hugely fat old people from New England who cook themselves in the sun until they're an incredibly grim, wrinkly dark brown. It's them, plus the conference people, who are all genetic epidemiologists. I think you all get the picture here which is basically thus: grimness on sand.

Once I write this talk and give it tomorrow I'll finish my Paris/Amsterdam tabblo so y'all can see how sweet that trip was.

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