25 September 2006


My most recent trip introduced me to yet another faux airport security measure. Before getting in the checkin line, you have to have a paper copy of your ticket. Since most people have e-tickets these days, you can use a computer printout. If you don't have one you need to go to the ticket desk, where you tell them your name and they print your ticket. They don't ask for ID, or details of any kind other than your name.

So what's the point of doing this? Well, it seems to basically be so that you have some piece of paper as you wait in the checkin line so that the interim security people can scribble stuff on it which nobody else will ever see, because the checkin desk doesn't ask to see the ticket. Of course, I got the SSSS and immediately knew that my already fun airport experience was going to get even better. I should've smuggled some moisturizer on board to teach those bastards a lesson.

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