28 August 2006

At last!

After seeing MRhe's "tabblo" about flying a Piper, I thought it looked like a cool way to present photos and text to tell the story of my trip. Tabblo is a very cool site, and the basic idea is awesome, but at present I'd say it's definitely in "beta". Basically you need to lay the whole thing out linearly, because if you try to go back and add one item to the beginning it destroys all the careful work you've done below. And the "manual flow" mode isn't very useful because once you've put stuff together you can't insert anything new there, only at the end (at least as far as I can tell). Plus the documentation is crap and it kept randomly emptying my "lightbox" where extra photos not yet in the layout are kept. Anyway, like I said, the concept is excellent, the execution needs some touching up.

I present for your enjoyment: Whitsunday Cruise.

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