09 June 2006

Viva Voce

My friend Matt had his Viva (oral thesis defense) on Wednesday. He was in there from 9:30 until 12:30, which isn't too bad (sometimes they go on for five hours). After passing with minor revisions (about as good a result as one can get) we had some champagne in the office, including accidentally firing the cork into the ceiling, and then went to the Butchers' Arms for lunch. After that a few of us headed down to the river for a punt (it was a gorgeous day). Matt's pictured at left, maneuvering us through some trees.

BbmwebWe gave Matt a t-shirt with some funny quotations he's said on the back and a doctored movie poster on the front (see left). Not perfect, but I think my photoshop skills (The GIMP actually) did pretty well. After the punting Matt's advisor took him and the other people in his group out to what I hear was a very nice dinner. We met up later on at some random Canadian Society drinks night (I'm willing to tolerate some Canadians in exchange for £1 drinks).

After all that a few people decided to go dancing at Jongleurs, one of the scuzzy Oxford clubs. We were all dressed like scrubs so when we got there I asked if they had a dress code.

Mattdrunk"No, it's a student night," said the bouncer. Which was good news and bad news. We could go in but if was even more packed than usual with 18 year olds. It was also insanely hot inside since the English have yet to discover air conditioning. Still, we had a pretty big crew of about 10 people, which made for a quality time. Matt certainly relaxed by the end of the night (see left). The music was really weird, though.;  at first it was standard hip-hop dance tunes, but then they started playing lots of bizarre choices. They first deviated with a little old school House of Pain and then swung into utterly inappropriate music for a club, including "Sweet Home Alabama", which I backed and "Mmm Bop", which I did not.

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