10 April 2006


I had the actor's nightmare last night. Kind of odd since I haven't been on stage in years. While the details of the play change each time I have this dream, one thing is always the same: unlike the play of the same name, the anxiety in my dream is all when I'm off stage, looking desperately for a copy of the script so I can try to figure out when my next scene is. This time around I was in some play where I was wearing a dark suit and fedora and was involved in some early cafe scenes. I managed to fake them OK (again, this is standard in my version of the dream) but then when I went off Josh (who was working backstage) refused to let me borrow his script (bastard). I finally talked someone else into letting me look at hers, but I didn't know what my character's name was so I couldn't find the right lines in it. Amusingly, my alarm started going off, but I kept reaching over to snooze it so I could get back to trying to find out my character's name.

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