28 March 2006


I really don't think I'd be happy living in a climate without discernible season change. We moved the clocks forward an hour last weekend (from GMT to BST) which means more sunlight in the afternoon (as well as a 6 hour time difference to the Eastern USA for this one week). This, along with fairly mild temperatures this week, has left me with Spring on the mind. It's nice to hear the birds being noisy again and to see the first blossoms on the early blooming trees.

I also finally understand exactly why the lamb is a symbol of Easter. Becki, James and I drove from Oxford to Milton Keynes on Sunday to go shopping (FYI English malls are as grim as their American cousins). The A34 is closed for roadworks so we ended up chugging along backroads through such fabulous villages as Horton-cum-Studley. Driving among the sheep fields, while slower than the motorway, allowed us to see all the little lambs tottering after their mums. All those wobbly lambs somehow capture that feeling of Spring renewal more succinctly than birds and flowers.

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