18 March 2006

Green Dinner

JcbspecsI went to dinner at Green College last Thursday with the same crew from Dinacre a month ago. I'm pictured at left in my new spectacles. Green's another graduate college so it lacks the centuries-old gravitas of the more traditional colleges, but it has some really lovely grounds (to which ShazAm and Scotticus can testify). The food was mediocre, but we had a nice time at dinner and went out for cocktails afterwards.

BstairsWe also got to check out the top of the Observatory, where Blanca posed for a picture on the cool staircase leading from the lower deck to the upper. Scott and I tried to sneak up here at the Ball last year, but the door was locked and all we found were couples making out on the staircase outside.

The last few days have been a little too boozy, since we closed out a couple of bars on Thursday night and then I went out for the requisite numerous pints of Guinness last night.

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