22 March 2006


Lon and I received a reply to our manuscript on Sunday the 12th asking for revisions before further consideration. In academia-land this is a pretty positive response, especially since none of the revisions were major. When Lon was presented with the increasingly real possibility of having this work appear in Nature Genetics he really cracked down no me to make the manuscript "perfect", even above and beyond the reviewers' comments. His reasoning was basically that any research with our names going into a top-tier journal needs to be bullet-proof so that we can avoid having to duke it out with anybody down the road on the editorial page.

To that end I've been in FULL TOOL MODE (does it still say that on the roach highway above M202?) for the past ten days. Although it's been a lot of work (I was here until 11:30PM on Saturday—w00t) I have to admit that it has seriously strengthened the manuscript. Anyway, today I pushed the button to submit our revisions and now the waiting starts again to see if it's all been worthwhile or just a tremendous waste of time.

On an unrelated note, we're going to be spending some "Equipment Capital" soon, I think I'm gonna get me a MacBook Pro.

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