20 January 2006


I've just signed up for lovefilm.com, the UK's equivalent of netflix. Not only is this likely to dramatically increase my uptake of films, it allows me to check out previous seasons of American TV shows (which is arguably more of a plus for me). Already in my queue are the first seasons of 24 and Lost, along with a few films. Unfortunately the system seems to cdr down your list sending you the first one it finds that is in stock. This means my first two discs are numbers 2 & 5 from the first season of 24. Oops. Probably not a show I want to watch out of order, huh?

I assume netflix works the same way in that you pay increasing tarrifs depending on how many titles you can simultaneously have checked out. I realised that there's a huge difference between the lowest level (one title at a time) and the second lowest (two titles). In the first case there's a two-way mailing lag between each item (your next item isn't mailed until your first one is returned). In the second case, you can keep a continuous rotation up by watching one title and mailing it back to get the next one sent out but still having one item to watch in the meantime. This is especially useful for TV discs which have multiple episodes per disc and can be dragged out for a couple  of days. Needless to say, I elected the latter.

Anyway, movie suggestions welcome!

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