22 January 2006


I've almost finished with discs 2 and 5 of the first season of 24. As per my last post about lovefilm.com, they sent me the discs out of order, which kind of sucks. According to their website they won't send you out of order stuff if you queue up all the discs from a series in order, which is what I did, so evidently they have some kind of a problem.

In any event, I couldn't be bothered to return them to wait for them in order, so I read synopses of the first four episodes, then watched disc two, then read eight more synopses, then watched disc 5. I dont' feel like I actually missed much, 'cause the synopses were fairly detailed, if somewhat poorly written.

I had heard good things about this show from a variety of people and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. The show is fun enough to watch, but it reminds me of a Dan Brown novel: all flash and no substance. While the concept is clever, it sometimes wears thin. The whole storyline with Senator Palmer's kid seems like it's there to fill dead air. I presume it will be tied in to the main plot by the end, but there's too much footage of him having heart-to-heart talks with his son. Plus there's just too many ridiculous twists and turns crammed in there to drag the story out.

It's fun to watch (especially Elisha Cuthbert) but the acting is only so-so, the writing is downright awful in places and the storyline defies belief just a little bit too much.

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