01 May 2005

Photo Parade Continues

Formal_hallI look like a boob in this picture, but I wanted to share a photo of formal hall and my student's gown. Behind me is high table and that dark blotch to the right of my head is the actual brass lion's nose door knocker that gave my college its odd name. Tonight we had roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, which isn't a pudding at all, but rather a crispy pastry bit that they serve with meat. Evidently if you want pudding here you need to ask for "blancmange". And, of course, don't pronounce the "c".

Anyway, dinner was alright and the HCR (grad student body) had port & chocolates afterwards. Turns out Brasenose bottles its own halfway decent port, which is fairly sweet (in both the literal and figurative senses).

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