01 May 2005

Life Update

Sloop_john_bHere's John B's house, where I've been living for the past couple of weeks. A lot of English houses are in this style of two separate homes being in the same building (there's a mirror reflection to the left, outside of the shot). It's nice inside; plenty of room, wireless interwang and lots of other goodies. It's been a good temporary home, although I'm eager to move into my permanent place in Headington.

BikeHere's me outside John's rear sunporch sporting my stylish helmet and showing off my new Dawes Mojave. I purchased it from a really good bike shop, Walton Street Cycles, which is run by well-informed cycling enthusiasts. I've heard they're the place to go to get your bike serviced, even if you've bought a cheaper model from one of the Cowley Road shops.

Work has been busy; I was lucky to get something to work on right away when I arrived, so I didn't have any wasted time just idling. I've been trying to get to Brasenose as often as possible 'cause the grad student lifestyle here is phat.

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