22 April 2005


In case you haven't noticed, this bløg is becoming a repository for my observations on the quirks of English people. My latest in this series is about the volume of various common drinks. From my experience so far, the prices on these products are relatively the same here as in America:

Volume in USAVolume in UK
Can of Coke12 oz (355 ml)330 ml
Bottle of Coke20 oz (591 ml)500 ml
Pint of beer16 oz19.2 oz

I'm not going to argue with their priorities, but it's actually a bit of a pain to expect that one last sip of coke in your can and realize you're at the bottom. But at least they use sugar instead of corn syrup here, which is cool. Plus, you get the occasional imported can from the EU with the nutrition facts in Dutch.

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