18 April 2005

Life, Documented.

I'm taking a break from my packing for a few minutes. The most recent task has been taking piles of "important papers" (receipts, tax documents, health insurance stuff, etc) and sorting out what I can toss in the trash, what needs to be shredded, and putting the rest of it in my box o' files.

It's funny to see the random things from my life which were documented in some particular way. I hadn't sifted through the receipts pile in years, evidently, because it had all kinds of things from when I was in college:

  • A receipt from Filene's for a fedora

  • An envelope labelled "TANK" containing the receipts for everything I used for my fishtank (including one bit from PetCo giving me a "fish credit")

  • A futon receipt paid for by me, which changes the story Amrys has been giving me for the past few years

Anyway, back to the sorting and packing. Maybe I'll write about this weekend's parties later. In brief: they all rocked.

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