29 April 2005

Free Dan Katz!

For those of you who don't read thedan's bløg, a brief synopsis of his latest adventure, which is totally material for a short story or play:

Bill Clinton is speaking at Brown and admission is free if you were willing to stand in line for a few hours to claim your ticket (one per student I think). Dan waited in line earlier this week and claimed his ticket. He eventually decided he'd rather sell it than actually go to the talk to he posted to some Brown graduate mail list offering it for $100.

A flame war erupted, feces was flung, etc etc. But now there's evidently a piece on the whole episode in the Providence Journal. The whole thing smacks of being written by a journeyman (obviously it's not breaking national news) with a thesaurus by his side. My favorite bit, however, is:

By yesterday, 500 inboxes sagged with 42 e-mails, all prompted by the sale of a single ticket for the 42nd president.

42 emails?! I bet mailservers all over campus were exploding for days under that mammoth workload. I get 42 emails about mortgage rates every hour, for crying out loud. Just reinforces my belief that Brown students are all wankers (except for thedan).

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