01 March 2005

One of Those Sessions

I just had one of those sessions where I ended up losing, but felt like a big winner. I was sitting a couple of 5-10 tables and getting absolutely reamed. One of those days where every time you catch a break you get check-raised by a runner-runner straight.

In any event, I was just about to call it a night and lick my wounds when I picked up 7 7 in the small blind. By the time it got back to me all 7 other players (we were nine-handed) had limped. I figured "what the hell" and threw in a $5 raise. The big blind and all the limpers called, leaving $90 in the pot. At this point I'd have enough money to call a bet on the flop with legitimate odds to my two outer! As it turned out that didn't matter, when the flop came sweet as can be:

5♣ 7♣ A

I considered how to play it for a moment. Given that there were 8 other people in the pot I figured somebody must have either a flush draw or an open ender right now so I've got to play as hard as possible. I immediately checked with the near guarantee that one of them would bet into me. One of the early position players bet it and everybody called. I banged in the raise and we took the turn with $180 in the pot and me currently ahead of any hand except an unlikely pair of pocket aces.

Of course, the turn is the death card:


This is literally the worst card I could possibly see. I immediately figured that my lousy session was about to become abysmal, so I just fired out the $10 bet. What else was I supposed to do? I waited for the inevitable raise from some jackass with a flush, but all I got was 4 callers. Odd, but I still knew that I could only win if I hit my draw to a full house or better.


Far out. Far fuckin' out! I immediately bet my full house and got two quick callers and one fold. The button sat and thought; I hoped desperately that he was pondering a raise. As it turns out he just called, but it still left an absolutely gigantic pot for my virtual persona to rake in over one dude with top pair and two 9 high straights(explains why nobody had the cojones to raise). I quickly jumped up from the table and considered my $100 overall loss a big win.

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