18 December 2004

Double Life

A few years back one of my Dad's childhood friends started organizing an annual "Rossmore Road" reunion. This year's reunion is today and its impending arrival motivated Dad to start talking on the way to work Friday about some of the guys he grew up with. The conversation began with the innocuous observation that a lot of guys stayed local and joined the police force. Then he mentioned somebody who couldn't make it as a cop, so he stuck up a bank with a toy gun. This led to the list of other life-achievements by his boyhood pals:

  • Two guys got involved with the Boyos (the Boston Irish mob) and were shot, chopped up, and stashed in a bunch of suitcases.

  • The brother of the aforementioned bankrobber owns and manages the Foxy Lady in Brockton. I commented that at least one of them had succeeded and established himself as a businessman, to which Dad replied that he thought robbing a bank was more honorable.

  • Another guy robbed a bank and tried to escape on a motorscooter with money flying off the back of the getaway vehicle. He ran into a bar where he bumped into one of the neighborhood guys who had become a cop and who promptly arrested him.

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