04 November 2004

Mr. Pot, please meet Mr. Kettle

Yeah, I'm annoyed that W won reelection. I think he's beholden to dangerous special interest groups and that he was swept to victory by people who believe he's a "good man" as opposed to, say, a "competent public officer". But I am getting really sick of reading liberal media intimating that the only viable choice is to flee the country or for New England to turn secesh. And don't even get me started about this pile of feces.

Most egregious is the sentiment that Republicans (approximately half of America, bolstered by states in the Midwest and South but represented forcefully even here in Massachusetts) are all gay-hating morons. The refrain I keep hearing is, "How can Americans be so stupid?!" Just as I reserve equal distaste for the hacks of the left and the right I can't help but observe that these "enlightened" liberals consistently deign to lump over half of America into the single category of stupid, uneducated, hayseed, evangelical Christian, homophobic bumpkins. Doesn't this generalization display the exact same lack of tolerance and understanding towards which they express such profound disdain?

People: we need to suck it up and work with each other. Maybe W will finally be the "uniter" that he claimed to be four years ago and maybe he'll run amok behind the shield of his new "mandate". But if he neglects the rudder of the ship of state for a second term shall we stand by, wailing about the folly of the people who put him there? Or worse yet, should we all leap off the boat in utter hopelessness? Let us rather make our own effort to adjust the trim of her sails.

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