01 December 2004

Ken Jennings

I've been meaning to watch Jeopardy! ever since I heard this summer that Ken Jennings finally lost in an episode scheduled to air this autumn. Until tonight I had never actually sat through an episode (largely because Law & Order is on at the same time). I flipped over to it tonight and watched Jennings blow two (admittedly obscure) Double Jeopardy questions which cost him nearly $10K. By the time Final Jeopardy came around he had a $14400 to $10000 lead (the third dude was below zero at the end of the second round so FJ was heads up).

The question was actually kind of interesting, something like: "This company's 70,000 seasonal white collar employees work only 4 months a year." I guessed correctly along with Ken's competition that the answer is H&R Block. The woman (I forget her name) wagered $4401, so if Ken was wrong she won automatically.

As "Fed Ex" flashed up on Ken's monitor the audience audibly gasped. It was pretty amazing. They got up and gave him a standing ovation. Funny how that rule change created this random celebrity.

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